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More Sales


Riverside’s management team has run hundreds of successful campaigns for insurance companies around the world. Our programmes deliver strong sales results, through being totally relevant to the audience in every case.


The Riverside Approach

Using our product knowledge and unique approach to data analytics, we create campaigns that offer specific “upgrade” policies to selected customers within the overall portfolio.

These offers are carefully positioned as a valuable service to the customer, rather than a sales offer. 

Riverside has perfected this approach over the years – using the existing premium payment method and frequency to ensure that the upgrade converts as smoothly as possible. 

We find that the best channels to deliver these offers are those that the company normally uses to communicate with its customers. 

In the past, this has often been through the mail, although today we frequently integrate mail with digital channels, including email.

The initial mailed offer is highly personalised, and includes a pre-issued upgrade policy that the customer is simply asked to accept.


Our campaigns deliver high converted response rates. Much higher, in fact, than the insurance companies we work with can usually achieve without our support.

This is because our highly specialised Customer Marketing skills supplement the in-depth customer and product knowledge of our insurance partners – to produce the most successful overall outcome.

The table below details the results of a range of upgrade campaigns to existing Term and Whole Life customers. In the European examples, the campaign was based on an initial direct mail offer followed up by a reminder mailing. In Puerto Rico and Bolivia, the initial direct mail offer was followed up by agent calls.

Sales results like these significantly boost the profitability of the insurance companies we work with. But this is only part of the overall value of working with Riverside. In addition to more sales, our programmes lead to lower policy lapse rates – and enhanced loyalty from customers and intermediaries alike

Upgrade Offers to Term and Whole Life Customer Bases

Netherlands SwitzerlandUnited Kingdom
includednot includedincludednot includedincludednot included
Lapse Rate6.8%7.7%2.7%4.0%5.2%7.0%
Reduction in lapse rate12%30%26%