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More sales. Better retention.
Loyal customers. Happy intermediaries.

….unlock the hidden value in your insurance customer base

Our Customer Marketing programmes deliver simple policy upgrade and cross-sell offers that boost sales and reduce lapse rates.

Working with Riverside can also improve your relationships with customers and intermediaries.

All fully measurable – and Riverside shares the costs. 

Let us tell you how it could work for you.

Get started
Identify opportunities
Create a plan
Make it happen
Drive performance

It all starts with a short initial meeting. You’ll learn about how Riverside programmes have been developed over the past 10 years – with dozens of insurance companies across Europe and South America. 

We’ll tell you how our programmes deliver service-based messages rather than outright sales offers  – and how this builds positive customer loyalty; even amongst those who don’t respond. 

We’ll explain how our approach enhances the vital relationships you have with your introducing intermediaries.

And you’ll find out how Riverside shares in the costs of every programme we run – so that our success is totally dependent on yours. 

To find out more, or to arrange your initial meeting, with no obligation, contact us today.

Every company is unique – and every Riverside programme is tailored to produce the best results, taking account of:

  • Customers: numbers, profiles, channels
  • Products: already held and available to offer
  • Systems and underwriting: capabilities and constraints

At this stage, a confidentiality agreement enables Riverside’s marketing and actuarial professionals  to undertake initial analysis, using a sample file of your customer data – or statistics on the overall portfolio. Any customer data used for analysis is anonymised – no names, addresses or any other personal information.

We then present our analysis and key opportunities to you: valuable insight for you whatever you decide. Upon your agreement, we begin the detailed programme plan.

After agreeing the outline analysis, Riverside build a step-by-step business case – including:

  • Which customers to include
  • The products that will be offered 
  • The proposition. How the offer will be presented
  • The channels. How the communication will be delivered
  • The timing. Your first campaign may take 4-6 months to launch. After that, “rollouts” are much faster 
  • The costs involved and how Riverside shares them with you
  • Outline business projections: sales and improved retention

Usually, the channel you use for current communications is the best choice – be it mail, telephone or online.

And often, we combine offline and online communications. For example, using e-mail to reinforce an offline offer; online application and policy fulfilment processes.

Great execution is critical to success, and our expert team are there to ensure that every detail is implemented on time and to the very highest standard: 

  • Detailed, realistic project plans
  • Final product, process and sign off specifications
  • Formal agreements, including cost sharing and reinsurance
  • Appointing and managing external suppliers
  • Briefing and controlling creative work
  • Managing campaign fulfilment processes 
  • Data handling, processing and security
  • Hands-on production management across all channels
  • Monitoring sales conversion and premium collection
  • Designing and delivering ongoing results reports and analysis

Please remember: Riverside shares in the costs of every campaign we run. You can rely on us to ensure your programme is implemented successfully.

Your first Riverside campaign is only the beginning.

In “rollout” campaigns, our ongoing performance analysis leads to continuous improvement for you  across a range of vital areas, including:

  • Refining customer selections for optimum results
  • Policy fulfilment and premium collection processes to maximise conversion
  • Further product development and wider audience selection
  • Further integration of communication channels to maximise conversion

The longer we work with you, the better your results become. But we won’t tie you in to a long-term contract or impose notice periods. You’re always free to take the programme in-house and run it yourself if you wish. We can even train your team to do just that.

So, why delay?
To get started, contact Riverside today.

More Sales

More sales

Riverside’s management team has run hundreds of successful campaigns for insurance companies around the world. Our programmes deliver strong sales results, through being totally relevant to the audience in every case.

Better Retention

Better retention

By offering relevant additional cover to your existing customers, you can reduce lapse rates on policies they already hold – even if they choose not to take the upgrade offer. We have proved this time and again in our campaigns over the years.

Loyal Customers; Happy Intermediaries

Loyal customers; Happy intermediaries

Beyond generating higher sales and increasing customer retention, working with Riverside can improve the relationships that insurance companies have with customers and intermediaries.