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Better Retention


By offering relevant additional cover to your existing customers, you can reduce lapse rates on policies they already hold – even if they choose not to take the upgrade offer. We have proved this time and again in our campaigns over the years.

Better Retention
Better Retention

The Riverside Approach

Whichever channels we use (direct mail, telephone or online), the Riverside approach is based on delivering service-based messages to customers, rather than outright sales offers.

This “tone of voice” reinforces the benefits of the cover they already hold and means that the targeted customers are significantly more likely to retain their existing policies – whether or not they take up the new offer.

Therefore, a Riverside programme can deliver outstanding value for you through improved customer retention – over and above the additional sales generated by the programme.


Table 1 below shows the average retention rates of customers included in Riverside campaigns (whether they responded or not) compared with the average retention rates of customers not included in the campaign.

As you can see, retention rates are consistently higher for the customers included.

Beyond this, we also know that customers who take up the additional cover offered in our campaigns are less likely to lapse their existing  policies  than customers who do not respond. This means that customers who respond to your Riverside campaign are the most loyal of all – as you can see in Table 2.

Improved customer retention rates, as shown here, are only part of the benefit of working with Riverside. Our programmes can also improve the overall perception that your customers and your intermediaries have of your company, your products and your service. Our Business Case: Loyal Customers; Happy Intermediaries shows you how.

Table 1

Increased retention rates: customers included in campaigns vs not included

CountryNetherlandsSwitzerlandUnited Kingdom
Customers included in campaign93.2%97.2%94.8%
Customers not included92.3%96.0%93.0%
Increased retention
(included vs not included)
Table 2

Increased retention rates: campaign responders vs non-responders

CountryNetherlandsSwitzerlandUnited Kingdom
Increased retention
(responders vs non-responders)